Welcome to INIT Capital, The Liquidity Hook Money Market.

INIT Capital is founded on the belief that liquidity should be an accessible commodity for everyone. The platform aims to democratize access to liquidity, catering not only to DeFi users but also to protocols through 'Liquidity Hooks.'

One of the biggest challenges for DeFi protocols nowadays is to bootstrap initial liquidity and consistently source it in order to grow.

Many protocols struggle to access liquidity in money markets due to its lack of composability, thereby capping protocol growth. While the DeFi landscape evolves continuously to accommodate diverse borrowing use cases, the architecture of money markets has not correspondingly evolved. This prompts protocols to independently source liquidity themselves, though liquidity is limited. Consequently, protocols spend a significant amount of their native token supply on incentives to source liquidity. This approach is unsustainable in the long term and leads to liquidity fragmentation.

To permanently solve this problem, new protocols need the ability to seamlessly integrate their applications with a large source of liquidity—a money market partner that prioritizes composability, soon on Mantle Network.

INIT Functions as the Foundational Liquidity Layer for DApps, Designed to Foster Use Cases for DApps to Build Liquidity Hooks Upon

TL;DR: All stakeholders at INIT, from dApps to users, can savor the experience of this Liquidity Hook money market.

  • DApps: Source liquidity from INIT with ease by building a 'Liquidity Hook' to integrate onto INIT.

  • Lenders: Enjoy higher lending APR as INIT’s integration partners exercise liquidity and expand the user base on INIT.

  • Borrowers: Access Liquidity Hooks built by dApps to explore multiple yield strategies through INIT’s all-in-one dashboard.

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