Benefits to DApps

DApps can seamlessly bootstrap liquidity within INIT, expanding their user bases within INIT’s ecosystem and experiencing exponential growth. INIT is specifically designed for maximum composability and interoperability with DApps, enabled by key technologies such as Multi-Silo Position and LP Token as Collateral. These are the main features that make INIT composable, setting it apart from other platforms.

Multi-Silo Positions

At INIT, each lending and borrowing position is siloed. This means each position is risk independent, even when using the same type of collateral. For instance, a wstETH-collateralized position borrowing USDC, USDT, or DAI is distinct from another using wstETH to borrow ETH for looping. If wstETH slightly depegs, the latter position can get liquidated but not the former.

In contrast, existing money markets often view all users' positions as a single account, thereby permitting potential liquidation of users' positions even when only one position is at risk.

As a result, this architecture grants dApps the flexibility to easily build various types of Liquidity Hooks on INIT, supporting a wide array of yield strategies.

Flash Borrow

To enhance composability further, INIT introduces Flash Borrow—a highly composable version of flash loans.

Users can borrow asset X and return Y as collateral within a single transaction, unlocking a wide range of Liquidity Hook possibilities. For example:

  • A user provides $100 ETH as collateral on Alice Protocol, a leveraged yield farming protocol.

  • Alice flashborrows $400 USDC from INIT

  • Alic provides $500 liquidity to Uniswap V3 and receive LP token

  • Alice returns $500 LP token as collateral on INIT

All of these are completed within the same transaction.

LP Tokens as Collateral

Presently, many money markets do not support LP tokens as collateral, thereby inhibiting DeFi composability. Numerous protocols have already developed diverse yield strategies based on LP tokens, like GMX, Pendle, Convex Finance, etc. Hence, a surge in the adoption of LP tokens as base assets is expected, allowing for the creation of more flexible and unique yield strategies. Therefore, supporting LP tokens as collateral is crucial for DeFi composability within INIT.

INIT is poised to support a range of LP tokens, encompassing ERC20 (AMM LP), ERC721 (CLAMM LP), and ERC1155, to provide users with various options for yield strategies.

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