Building Liquidity Hook

With multi-silo position, flash borrow, and LP tokens as collateral, building Liquidity Hooks on INIT becomes a simple and seamless process for dApps.

Value Proposition

dApps integrating on INIT and building Liquidity Hooks on INIT do not need to bootstrap liquidity at launch or continue to source liquidity to grow – INIT does that for them. There is no need to formulate risk frameworks and parameters, as they can use INIT’s.

Moreover, with Liquidity Hooks, dApps can integrate seamlessly to access the abundant liquidity on INIT with no additional attack vectors and risk introduced. On top of everything, dApps on INIT can capitalize on INIT’s user base that is constantly exploring different Liquidity Hooks – essentially bringing more exposure to their own dApps and creating another marketing channel for themselves.

Smart Contract Development

INIT Capital operates on a permissionless, verifiable on-chain system, allowing developers to seamlessly create Liquidity Hooks in alignment with our protocol. For comprehensive guidance on developing your Liquidity Hook with INIT, please refer to our detailed documentation available here.

Hook Listing

By listing you Liquidity Hook on INIT's frontend, you unlock the potential to broaden your user base through exposure to INIT's community. We offer two types of frontend integration: Normal Integration and Official Partner Integration.

Normal Listing

To feature your Liquidity Hook on the INIT platform, you'll need to follow the instruction on our Github Repository and submit a Pull Request (PR) with the details of your integration. Please include the following information in your PR:

    "name": "Name of the Hook",
    "protocol": "Protocol Name",
    "logoUrl": "URL to the logo image of the protocol for the hook",
    "description": "Description of how the hook works",
    "supportedAssets": ["List of the supported asset addresses"],
    "hookContractAddress": "Contract address",
    "apyEndpoint": "Endpoint for the APY of the hook",
    "fee": "Specify if the hook includes a fee (Optional)"

This information helps us ensure that your Liquidity Hook is accurately represented on our platform.

Official Partner Listing

Achieving the Official Partner status not only adds a purple tag to your listing on our frontend but also signifies a higher level of trust and verification. To qualify, your Liquidity Hook must undergo and pass an audit, in addition to an internal review by the INIT Team.

For consideration as an Official Partner, please submit your details through the INIT Official Partner Integration Form available here:

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